Published in 2023 by the Crowood press, this is the ultimate guide to machine knitting for beginners. This book has been designed to help you demystify machine knitting. Perfect for beginners, it starts with how the machine works and how stitches are formed, all the way through to shaping garment panels to your desired size and fit.

  • Each chapter focuses on different skills that build throughout the book, with lots of projects so you can put the skills into practice and make some knits for yourself.

    Designer Profiles at the end of each chapter showcase the work of professional machine knitters to provide context, inspiration and celebrate the huge potential for creativity in machine knitting. From troubleshooting and looking after the machine to using more advanced techniques such as intarsia and shaping, this book will help you fall in love with your knitting machine. If you work through the step-by-step instructions and projects in this book, by the end of it you will be designing and knitting your own garments!

Knit and Destroy...gets handy! brings you the best of Knit and Destroy's products from over the years in a fun, user friend 

Published in 2013 by Cabin Creative, this book features 20 patterns to make a range of knitted goodies! 

The patterns cater for a range of skill levels, and include links to online tutorials, so whether you're a novice with the needles or a dab hand, this book has a project to suit you!